Monday, July 21, 2008

Making up for lost time

Ok, so it's been a while.... Not sure where to start--how about yesterday? I went to the 2nd annual Midwest Folk and Fiber festival and was just blown away by the selection of fiber and other fun stuff. Silly me, I thought I would be able to whip through there before heading out to my folks for the afternoon. (I really should know better by now). First of all, I couldn't walk 10 steps without seeing friends from all over the midwestern fiber arts scene-lots of fun catching up with people.

And the fiber, oh, the fiber....I've been playing around with merino and silk mixes and love the sheen and drape. So I was thrilled to see so many options of hand-dyed and blended mixes. I also bought some gorgeous merino/tencel mixes, which also look lovely.

Lots of felting planned for this week to try out the new stuff. Perfect timing, because I'm doing the Indie Designer Market show at the Randolph Antiques Market this weekend.