Monday, December 22, 2008

Goat Turds and Christmas

No Kochevar family Christmas is complete without these cookies--the best cookies of all holidays recipes. Ok, so they are really called Swedish Cocoa Balls, but nobody (except my Mom) actually calls them that. My oldest bother Marty--classy guy that he is--christened them years ago and the name has stuck. And they are awesome cookies.

Case in point: an old childhood friend found me recently via Facebook--we haven't been in contact for over 20 years. The first thing she asks (yes, even before the obligatory "what-have-you- been-doing- the-past-20-years" question), was "Hey, can I get the goat turd recipe?"

And now the dilemma: I'm visiting friends tomorrow for holiday fun and have been asked to bring said cookies. The household includes two impressionable and hilarious boys, ages 5 and 8. They already think that the name of my cat--Booger--is the best pet name they've ever heard. So of course, I feel like it is my duty to introduce them to the best cookie name ever. Their Mom is all for it, but Dad would prefer that the boys not know about it. I have a feeling that Mom or I will spill the beans. Or turds, as the case may be.

And the photo? This is my second-favorite family holiday photo. It's my nephew Joe (offspring of the the oh-so-classy Marty) circa early '90s, proudly posing with the plate of goat turds that he made. The cookies are actually supposed to be round, but in his hands, well, you can see the result..... The apple does not fall far from the tree.....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Bliss

This is the scene that greets me after a snowfall--it is one of the skylights in my living room. I love how the snow creates shadows on the wall.

I am an unapologetic snow lover--it bothers me to no end that the weathermen in Chicago are constantly apologizing every time there is a snow forecast. And they always over-predict, which leaves me disappointed (expecting 8-10 inches and we get maybe 4). There is a joke in here about men overexaggerating about size, but I'll leave that alone....

Anyhow, we have a glorious snowcover that is ready for cross country skiing!! I'm going to finish up a few Etsy orders and head out on my skis for the first time this season!

Monday, December 8, 2008

"Looks Like Bacon"

Oh, the things people say. One of these days, I'm going to write an entry just on the things I hear from customers at art shows. So this weekend was the last of my shows for the '08 season--the busiest so far. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported my work and to those of you shopping on Etsy.

And the bacon quote? Hands down, this was the funniest quote I heard from a customer all year. Usually the strangest comments come from men, but this was from a woman looking at my Flamenco scarves. Her husband was mortified and said, "No, no, it's really sculptural. " She looked at him skeptically and deadpanned, "No--it looks like bacon".

Now I do love my hickory-smoked breakfast meats and now that I think of it, the Flamenco scarf in brick red does kind of look like bacon, but I'm not sure that I'll use that description for marketing purposes.

This however, really looks like bacon:

It is created by fellow fiber artist Chris Chunski, who believe it or not, is a vegan from California. She has sold over 30 of these felted bacon scarves on Etsy!!

And here I am, a meat-loving girl from the hog butcher for the world, Chicago. Maybe I should use the description-- I can see it now: Da Windy City Bacon Scarf. Or the Kielbasa Cape?


Friday, December 5, 2008

Cornelia Arts Holiday Show and $5 Coupon

This weekend (starting this evening) is the Cornelia Arts Holiday Show --my last show of a busy, busy season! Thanks to everyone who came out last weekend at Bucktown--since the $5 coupon was so popular, I'm doing it again. And for the first time, I'll be having sale basket with items that are 50% off!

If you haven't been to this show before, it has a fun atmosphere. Located in a converted warehouse in Ravenswood, it is a collection of artist's studios that is only open to the public a few times a year. It's a great opportunity to see the work spaces of local artisans. And a few of us lucky folks are invited to participate with them each year.

Since you're in the neighborhood, be sure to swing by Architectural Artifacts. Instead of the usual 25% holiday sale, everything in the gallery (I hesitate to call it a store) is 50% from December 6-23! This is one of the coolest places in Chicago, with wonderful finds from all over the world. I plan to pick up some more Art Deco tiles.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!