Monday, April 21, 2008


I was in DC for a few days last week attending a conference for work and managed to do something horribly embarrassing (but kinda funny) within the first two hours.

After setting up our booth, I decided to check out the other displays and see who was there. I wasn't in the mood for small talk and since there was no one around (or so I thought) it seemed like a great opportunity to check out materials without having to chit chat.

Down the row, I noticed a fairly big exhibit with a huge stack of DVDs as giveaways. I always tend to be a bit jealous when I see non profits with more stuff than us, so I had to take a look and see who it was. So I walked over and picked up a DVD and was surprised to see who it was: "The Tourettes Association--what the f*ck?!?" Unfortunately, I said this out loud to myself, and even more unfortunate was the fact that the Tourettes Association staffer was just off to the side, within earshot. It was all so fast: she shot me dagger eyes, just as I realized what I had actually said out loud. I was mortified. Well, mortified and almost on the verge of snickering because I realized how bad and how funny this was. Had I been thinking on my feet, I could have pertpetuated the whole bad medical sterotype thing and introduced myself: "Hi, I'm from the Alzheimer's Association...where am I?" I am a bad, bad person.

To continue the theme, I was disappointed that I could not find either a Pope bobble head or a Bush countdown clock while I was there. Gotta keep looking for that clock.

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Suzy said...

Hi, Laura. I found your blog by chance, clicking the "next blog" button on blogger -- something I almost never do, by the way. I am a knitter, Ukrainian egg maker, and all around maker of things of all sorts, living in Wisconsin. It is always nice to see what other people are doing. Your story about the Tourette's display cracked me up. Could one have a "Tourette's moment" the way people approaching a certain age have "senior moments"?