Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yoga for Felters

Felting is not a gentle fiber art. It requires a lot of standing, rolling, agitating and throwing (yes, throwing). I wish I could sit in from the of the tv and felt, but sadly, that is not possible.
Give the hours I spend felting, I have backaches. If I were mellowdramatic, I would say that I suffer for my art, but I'll spare you the drama. Enter Bikram yoga. Known as the "hot yoga", it has become my therapy.
I'm really, really, really lucky that Bikram Yoga Andersonville opened a few months ago, just two blocks from my home. It is wonderful to be able to walk just around the corner to get to one of my favorite workouts. I have NO excuses--if I'm home, I'm there.

Bikram Yoga is an amazine workout of 26 postures in a heated room of 105 degrees. After 90 minutes, I feel like I've worked every inch of my body and have had a massage. My back is so much better and I find that I eat better, too. Sweating and working out for 90 minutes makes you think twice about what you put into your body.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi to Jessica--she runs a great studio!

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