Friday, November 13, 2009

Strange Brew

I'm all for recycling, I really am. I reuse boxes all the time, especially for sending out packages. So do some of my wool suppliers. One supplier in particular has a penchant for liquor boxes.
I have ordered from this wool supplier fairly frequently in the past weeks and have received whiskey boxes, rum boxes and now this one. I hesitate to imagine what my neighbors are thinking....

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Karen said...

Dear Laura,
Read your post about replenishing your inventory during the Fiber Arts show. I saw you there and we discussed a custom Flamenco...tried emailing you but it bounced back. I hope that you still have my contact information. Karen, tall with very short salt and pepper hair. I loved the black center/gray edges Flamenco, but it was a little too short. I hesitate to post more personal info. Please contact me if you can!