Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's Cookin'?

More likely than not, it is fiber of some sort (as in silk fabric or wool roving, as opposed to a high-fiber dish)  I've been busy in the kitchen cooking up silks for nuno felting and experimenting with space-dyed wool roving.  The beauty of dyeing for felting, is that it doesn't have to be  perfect.  The fabrics are even prettier when imperfect-I intentially let portions of the fabric bubble up to the surface where they don't get as much dye--the uneven color looks great for nuno felting and adds another dimension to the design.

Looking at these photos reminds me of all the kitchen things I use for fiber arts (I love repurposing items).   The list includes: a stock pot for dyeing, hot dog tongs for handling hot stuff in the dyepot, whisk for mixing dyes, salad spinner for drying fibers, electric knife for slicing felt,  pasta maker for clay and a toaster oven for clay.

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Zemphira said...

Yum. I love fiber art!