Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is there such a thing as an anti-rain dance?

Or maybe a patron saint for weather?   This weekend is the first outdoor show of the season (Elmhurst Art in the Park) and the weather report is iffy.  As in rain, strong winds  and possible hail.  I just spent the afternoon waterproofing the tent (thanks, Mary!) and I'm figuring out ways to supplement the weights for my tent.

The other night  I had dinner with some artist friends of mine --all more seasoned than I--and was regaled with stories about tornados and hurricanes at art shows: tents blown away or twisted beyond belief; artists suspended mid-air Mary Poppins style as they try to hold the fort down,  so to speak.   So I'm a wee bit freaked out.  Last year I did just three outdoor shows--this year I am scheduled for nine.

But on the bright side,  lots of my artist friends will be there along with many folks I don't know yet. I'm looking forward to meeting  new artists and customers at this new venue!

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