Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby, it's COLD outside!

-22 degrees windchill. NOW we're talkin'. This is the Chicago I know and love. I came home after a wonderful weekend with the whole family and expected the cat to greet me at the door as he usually does. No cat. So I looked under my afghans, expecting to see him burrowed underneath. No cat. I headed to the bedroom, where I could hear muffled meows. I looked under the covers, but still no sign. I finally saw movement in the comforter and realized that he had gotten himself inside the duvet cover and couldn't figure how to get out. I have not idea how long he was in there, but he's no worse for the wear. He's a pretty tough cat, but clearly not the smartest of the litter.

Right now it's snowing great big flakes that I hope will stick. I would love be able to ski tomorrow night after work--I'm going skiiing with my nephew in February and will definitely need to work to keep up with him.

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thoughtbubble said...

Aww!! So CUTE! I love how cats always manage to get themselves in the strangest situations. For the longest time, I had an old box-style halloween costume in the living room, and our cat would always jump in the arm holes. But, she could never manage to jump back out so we'd have to rescue her. Oh kitties!