Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to my mammogram...

So I'm on my way to the appointment, when who should get into the elevator with me but Steve "Mongo" McMichael of the famed '85 Bears. Kind of hard not to do a double-take when Mongo (a rather large fellow) is dressed in scrubs and carrying a bouquet of flowers. Thankfully, two other woman joined us or I would have been tempted to say something stupid like, "So Steve, you a Candy Striper now?", which was what was going through my head. Also going through my head was the Superbowl Shuffle, which I might have inadvertantly started humming, had my floor not arrived Just In Time.

And the mammogram? It's clear that there are many gender iniquities in medical research and that women had nothing to do with the development of this exam. The male equivalent would be somthing along the lines of 'nads in a vice. 'nuf said.

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