Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Skiing in the Big City

Unlike most Chicagoans, I've been completely blissed out over this season's snowfall. This has been the best year for local cross country skiing in several years. Usually I end up chasing a storm into Indiana to take advantage of the lake effect snow, but not this year!

Our usual spot to ski is a golf course right on Lake Michigan. The other night I was out there with a friend and it was beautiful, so we stopped for a moment to take it all in: the moon reflecting off the frozen lake, the glow of the skyline, the branches tipped with snow. And off in the distance, I spotted some little creatures frolicking in the snowdrifts. "Oh, look", I called out, "look at the little rabbits..... no, wait...those are rats..."

It kinda ruined the reverie.

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Corinne said...

Oh. ick. Hooray that you have a blog.