Friday, March 7, 2008

Kid in a Candy Store....

…and the candy store is in my house! Lemme explain. One of my favorite felting artists, Nicole Chazaud of Festive Fibers is changing directions in her career. She has been known for her beautifully upholstered furniture in her signature colorful felts—she’s now going to design for the textile industry. The felting world’s loss is also our gain, as she sold off her hand-dyed wool. As soon as I received her email newsletter, I placed an order. Do I really need more fiber right now? “Need” as I’ve learned, is a relative thing. Good, upholstery-grade batting is hard to come by, especially in fun colors. Add to that the fact that this wool was dyed by an artist whose sense of color I really admire, and well, yes, I realized that I “needed” this fiber.

Honestly, I think I squealed in delight when I opened this package. Oh, the fun I’m going to soon as I finish up an order of Nuno scarves for the Cambridge Artists Cooperative. I'm really please with the new designs I've been playing around with. Gotta make sure I take photos before I pack them up!

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