Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Exhausted, but happy

This was the view from my tent the entire weekend at the Bucktown Arts Fest. Non-stop people both days. The weather was gorgeous (the cooler temperatures work well for my stuff!) and the people were great, as always. This show is like a homecoming for me-comfortable and familiar. The organizers really know what they're doing and are great folks, to boot. It's been so fun and gratifying to see many customers coming back from other shows and to hear the kind and effusive comments from people. Sometimes working alone in the studio, you wonder how your new pieces will go over.

I've been so busy felting that I haven't had time to photograph my new styles. Fortunately, my customers were kind enough to let me take their photos with some of my favorite pieces that they purchased:

Between the non-stop felting the past few weeks, the busy days, late nights and schlepping all my stuff for the show, I was beat down tired.

I treated myself to a massage last night (Chicago Touch--I highly recommend it!) and was explaining to the therapist why I was so sore. He had been to the show and asked "Did you see those cool wavy felt scarves?" I smiled and said, "well, yeah...those are mine. " He immediately turned to the receptionist and started telling her how she just had to see my stuff. What a cool surprise!

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