Monday, September 21, 2009

Montage Monday

I came across this montage of my Flamenco Scarves on an Italian design blog several months ago--I think they did a great job on the photo! And here's the descrition they provided:

"Che dire, infine, delle spettacolari architetture di Felt Inspired? Personalmente, quando cado in crisi mistica alla ricerca della stola perfetta su un abito da sera, d'ora in poi saprò a chi rivolgermi. Le creazioni de Felt Inspired le potete trovare in vendita su Etsy, un bel sito dedicato al mondo dell'handmade!"
"Finally what shall I say about the the spectacular architectures of Felt Inspired? Personally, when I fall in mystical crisis to the search of the perfect stole for an evening dress, now I will know who to address. You can find the creations of Felt Inspired on sale on Etsy, a beautiful site dedicated to the world of handmade!" '
I was tickled to find such an effusive review from the country of fashion! And I'm thilled to know that I can be of assistance in the case of a "mystical crisis"....

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