Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big Shoulders and the best t-shirt ever

Yesterday was the annual Big Shoulders open water swim in Lake Michigan. This was the third year I competed and I was happy to take 7 minutes off my previous time. There is something about open water swimming that is so fascinating to me. Some find it boring, or even frightening, but the lack of a black line and endless flip turns is so relaxing and even zen-like at times. Swimming was my first sport—before rowing, cycling and cross-country skiing, so there is such a back-to-basics relaxation there for me.

This year I only had time to compete in one race, but of course, it’s my favorite one. It’s deemed as the most “architecturally significant swimming race” and who is going to argue that? With every breath, you see the amazing Chicago skyline.

While I was happy with my time, there was little time to get heady about it. Shortly after I finished, not one but two guys came in having done the entire race in butterfly. Then came two amputees: a woman with one leg and amazingly, a man with one arm.

And then there’s the t-shirt—you gotta love the t-shirt!

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And Lily Makes Three said...

Darn it, I wanted to go and cheer you on. I'm so sorry...I forgot! I especially thought the boys would like to cheer you on and see you compete (since you were an Olympic swimmer and all).