Monday, January 26, 2009

Seriously, WTF?!?!?

I promise, the next post will be fiber-related (I actually have lots to show) But, as a long time Chicagoan and Illinois girl, I can't pass this up. Between his relentless assertions of innocence and his latest press jaunt, this situation is really on my last nerve..

Time for some comic relief. Like Blagojevich, my family hails from the former Yugoslavia (he is Serbian, whereas I'm a Croatian/Slovenian mix). As you might recall from the 1990s, the groups don't generally get along all that well.

Every week, I recieve this Slovenian newspaper with all sorts of news of Slovenian-Americans and news from abroad. Many advertisements for all things Slovenian (polka CDs, recipe books travel groups etc.) And potica. Potica (pronounced po-TEET-sa) is this wonderful nutroll coffee cake known throughout Slovenia and Croatia that is pretty labor intensive to make.

So I was thrilled to find a bakery in Colorado that has mail order potica--Rocky Mountain Potica. Proclaiming that they have the "Best potica this side of Ljubljana", they carry many versions of the coffee cake-- some traditional, some contemporary and some just plain funny.

Take their "Blagojevich Totally Nuts Potica". I love the description:

"For the true nut lover, because IT DOESN'T GET ANY NUTTIER THAN THIS. This Potica is 'BLEEPING GOLDEN'"

I have to order some of this!

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