Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Baloney has a First Name.......

So, I'm back home for a few days trying to catch up on everything and happened to look at the stat counter on this blog. I fully expected there to be no traffic, since I haven't written in over a week and have not been active online at all. To my suprise, there have been a lot of hits so far this month. Any where are they coming from? A blog called Bacon Talk! Hello to all you Bacon Talk readers!

Bacon Talk features all sorts of tidbits regarding bacon and happened to link to this earlier entry of mine. I love the fact that the entry linking my blog is listed under "Bacon Culture". I also love the fact that all of the entries are authored by "His Baconness". Further investigation led me to realize that the blog is sponsored by Oscar Meyer. I have to say, they are being really saavy by being subtle and not making the blog too brand specific, which would ruin the fun of the site.

I love how all sorts of companies are in on social marketing. So who exactly are you, Sir Baconness--out yourself! If anything like my old organization, I'm guessing you are a 20-something with a sly sense of humor. Either a relatively new internal hire or part of an outsourced marketing firm--I'm not sure which.

Am I right?

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