Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall into the Arts in Bloomington

Tomorrow I head off to Bloomington for a new show--Fall into the Arts. It will be on Illinois Wesleyan's campus during their Homecoming festivities. I'm both excited and a bit leery about this show.

Excited because it's a new venue for me and my sister is coming to help me during the show. I am so used to doing it all myself that it will be a treat having someone there with me. And one of my nephews went to Illinois Welseyan, so I know the campus.

Leery because it's a new show--how will be the crowds be? Have the organizers done enough advertising and marketing? The hours of the show are odd: 9 am to 4 pm both days. I forsee several dead morning hours. And 4:00 seems to early to close.

I've been working furiously to replenish my inventory after Art in the Barn. After this show, I have a mere 6 days until Uncommon Threads. I guess I'll sleep after that!

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