Thursday, October 29, 2009

They like me, they really like me!

Forgive me for chanelling Sally Field for a moment, but I'm have my own Academy moment. In the past two weeks, I've won two awards for my work: the Juror's Choice award for Best Body of Work at the Uncommon Threads runway show (my first runway show ever!) and First Place at Fall into the Arts in Bloomington!

As a primarily self-taught person, this is so gratifying and makes me feel like I'm gaining "street cred" in the art/fashion world. The funny this is, I have so many other designs in my head that I didn't have have time to make--designs that I thought would be cooler than what I did make. Hopefully, this means that I won't be a one-trick pony.

Back at the studio, I'm plodding along to keep up: filling orders and replenishing my inventory for the Fine Art of Fiber, which takes place next weekend.

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dawn said...

Congratulations! Doesn't it feel so good to get validation, and you really do deserve it. Your work is gorgeous! I'm so happy for you.

Take care,