Friday, November 28, 2008

Bucktown Bazaar and $5 Coupon!

Step away from the malls, people! Come on over to the Bucktown Bazaar this weekend for your fun shopping with local artisans. I'm not quite sure if I fit into the "irreverent young DIY crafter" category or the "elegant established artisan" category here, but it matters not. There is always a fun atmosphere at this show with a fantastic selection--I do a lot of my own shopping here!

Bring in a copy of this page or mention this blog and receive $5 off your Felt Inspired purchase! I'll have a fresh selection of Flamenco scarves and am introducing a scarflette version of this scarf, as well. Hope to see you this weekend!

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And Lily Makes Three said...


We hope to see you there tomorrow. Can you save that one (the scarflet on the blog picture) for me? I want to buy it for my sister. (For real, I'm not joking.)