Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time to Make the Doughnuts....

Sigh...I meant to write about the Fine Art of Fiber show last weekend before it occurred. (gotta get that marketing stuff down...) It's my largest show of the year (4 days) and it's held at the lovely Chicago Botanic Garden. And I love that the focus is on fiber arts. But.... it is run by local guilds (quilting and weaving primarily) and instead of each artist having their own space, it is organized by item and the show is run collectively with tedious rules. It's fair to say that I have a real love/hate relationship with this show. Well, maybe more like love/really annoyed relationship.

I've noticed that many quilters and weavers tend to be on the Type A side and I am decidedly Type B. Add that to the fact that many show participants are from the North Shore (read: Ladies Who Lunch) and well, I seem to need a drink after the show. To be fair, I'm sure that I have the same effect on many of the people there. The whole square-peg-round-hole sort of thing.

The setting was beautiful as usual, with the trees and late blooms putting on a spectacular display. I saw many old friends and made a few ones as well. And now I'm putting the ole' sweat shop into full drive, as I try to re-stock my inventory for another show this weekend (Barrington Junior Women's fashion show) . It's a good "problem" to have but it kind of reminds me of that old commercial: "Time to make the doughnuts..."

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And Lily Makes Three said...

Is ALL that stuff yours? Sheesh!